Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Drop by to wish everyone Merry Christmas!
this is just a test on light painting! hohoho.
Thanks Jy for letting me had the chance to play on it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 of my previous competition work

小My (Little My)

This Little "My" is a character tat I designed last year to join My FM competition. haha... I only knew about it the day before deadline. Used one day to finish up and send up on 11:45pm on the deadline day! lolz. It's a challenge for me and I feel happy that i can come out with this within one day. Although I din even get into the final, I feel happy with my work!

SIGG Bottle

This is another design tat I did for SIGG bottle design competition. haha. This one i struggled around few days to get it done. Thanks to my friends and seniors who gave me opinion on it. It fails too. hahhaa. Anyway, I'll continue improve my design work~ hohoho. Seems my design sense still not matured yet! Ganbate ganbate!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Putrajaya Shooting Day!

Last week went to Putrajaya for a group shooting. End up shoot for just few hours because of the bad weather. We need to wait until the rain stopped to start the shooting. hahaa..... By then, we already felt tired. haha... After turning round n round in Putra we decided went back MMU to take a look. Yes, I forget to bring my student ID, but anyway, we are allowed to enter. hohoho.

At last we went back to Putrajaya, and started our shooting around 3 or 4? hahaha, not sure what is the exact time d. Enjoy the time of gather with the gang and go for a shooting session.





Natural Beauty.



Fish Eye

Few months ago, I borrowed a fish eye filter from my senior. Here are some test~
The couples.

The Fish Eye.

The Sky watcher.

The Flower World.





他们还会唱 “月亮圆,月亮圆,月亮照在我的家。。。 ”吗?
还是只在facebook上祝福朋友“中秋节快乐” 。

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Me and my Bao Bei's sms~

Yesterday, Saturday, was my Bao Bei's birthday, so I sms to wish her. We got fun in our sms. I feel like jotting it down here.

me: Bao Bei! Happy Birthday! Dai gor lui lor! oi guai guai dei ar!
BB: Haha. Thanks ah ma. i will try to be a guai lui gela. Hehe. Thanks a.
me: Dai gor lui, hei si hao wan gor lam pang yao. Wan for hou gei, dai fan lei bei ngo tei tei ar.
BB: Haha. Okok. Zou hei deng ah ma nei li yet gui. Wo Wui yong zun ngor quen lik gela. Nei fong sem.
BB: Haha. Hou. Gem nei dou hou hou jiu gu zi kei la. Ngor dm hei nei ge sem bien. Wuwu. Em hou tai cou lou a.

Just feel like wanna share. Need to read in Cantonese Lolz.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009










Translation of the previous post ~

Did you hear it?

Did you hear the worry of a tree without leaves?

Did you hear the loneliness of a tree without the birds singing?

Did you hear the sadness of a tree without kids playing around it?

Did you hear the tree is crying?

Did you hear the loneliness of the tree?

A chair can be shared by two persons,

A tree can bring happiness for everyone.

Look around the tree, the happiness is around it,

Look at its shadow, the loneliness is all around it.

Before we gather our strength to take care of the nature,

Let’s Think and Feel its heart!

haha, requested by flux. Sorry for my broken English. Hope you can understand~ lolz

Sunday, August 9, 2009








Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update! Update!

I have been busying with a big, very big, extremely big event... haha, guess what, just my cousin sis wedding, why is it big to me. Because... because... because... I promised my cousin sis's husband to make her an animation. Which he stupidly tell her about it, and this become not a surprise to her during their wedding dinner. Sadly say, I feel like wanna beat him up. Okay~ come back to the main topic. So it has been few weeks of having not enough sleep and animating this clip. Here, I really thank my team mate~~~ i always border her when i have not enuf time to do the drawings. Big thanks to Jen Yen. *clap clap* Thanks to her for supporting me n also help me to create the elements. thnx thnx thnx n thnx. And also my cousin sis n her husband for promoting my work. *shy shy*... so, here is the clip... I would say this is not fully done, as I feel of adding colours to the whole scene. I hope you enjoy it, and gif me as much comment as possible, so that i can refine on it n make it looks more complete. hehehe... ok ok, stop here. Let's have a look on the clip. I think the colour here off too much d, might be the converter's prob. hehe, just ignore it le~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

sunday nite~

what a hot sunday night, and i'm sitting in front of the pc doing some research.

It has been a long time i din update my blog. I'll try to update it later after finish busying with my stuff. Please be patient, will upload some of my photography stuff and design stuff after July. haha... giving myself a deadline to clean my stuff.

Good Luck for tomorrow's work!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mY little PreSENT

Yeay! My camera finally works again. Here is the photo i took after updated the firmware of my dslr. haha... This is a gift for myself to remind me that I'm still having my dreams~ I bought it from IDN booth during KL Design Week. hahaa.... I rarely buy stuff for myself especially this kind of expensive design book. kekeke. Sometimes people tend to forget their dreams when they come to work. Working life is like an alarm which is set. Everyday, one is repeating the same routine. The longer you work, the more you forget about your dreams. This is because people always put their work in the first place. Yeah! The people is "ME". haha. I'm scolding myself. Okay, put that topic aside... I know I talk too much. haha. So....

Tataaaaa............... Here is my little present:

A Jon Burgerman Sketch Book!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Found out this cute little song

gotta take some rest while working, so here is sumthing i found out, hahaha, amazing song by a young boy, let's enjoy it

Super Mario with Harmonica from KFLeung on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bridal Fair at Thean Hou Temple

hahaha, suddenly feel like wanna shoot something, so i went to the bridal fair with my friend in Thean Hou temple. Ok, i admit that my photographing skill is not that good, so what i can do is just follow my heart, my feeling and try my best to capture a nice picture. hurm... a bit hard for me to took their face, because, they don't wana smile... hahhaha. i wonder why are they not smiling, may be they wanna be a cool bride. hahaha...

with my Canon 350D normal lens, these are what i've got... (actually quite embarrasing when i saw photographers around me using zoom lens, flash, and so on...., but anyway, i just shoot for fun!)

When you see till this image, may be u'll ask, why this gal keep on taking this model's photos, how bout the others? sorry to say, the others that i took not that nice, or may be i like this model, hahaha, she is very cool, however i like her way of acting cool, haha...

so, here comes the photo that i like the most. *clap***

ok la, these are the pictures that i like (although i have a lot in my folder) hahaha... any comments? please drop by and have a look, don't be lazy to text me on ur opinion ya~ hehe, happy new year!