Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bridal Fair at Thean Hou Temple

hahaha, suddenly feel like wanna shoot something, so i went to the bridal fair with my friend in Thean Hou temple. Ok, i admit that my photographing skill is not that good, so what i can do is just follow my heart, my feeling and try my best to capture a nice picture. hurm... a bit hard for me to took their face, because, they don't wana smile... hahhaha. i wonder why are they not smiling, may be they wanna be a cool bride. hahaha...

with my Canon 350D normal lens, these are what i've got... (actually quite embarrasing when i saw photographers around me using zoom lens, flash, and so on...., but anyway, i just shoot for fun!)

When you see till this image, may be u'll ask, why this gal keep on taking this model's photos, how bout the others? sorry to say, the others that i took not that nice, or may be i like this model, hahaha, she is very cool, however i like her way of acting cool, haha...

so, here comes the photo that i like the most. *clap***

ok la, these are the pictures that i like (although i have a lot in my folder) hahaha... any comments? please drop by and have a look, don't be lazy to text me on ur opinion ya~ hehe, happy new year!