Tuesday, July 22, 2008

龟仔- 阿B

阿B 很坚强,


龟仔们很喜欢爬上爬下,每天都听到“扑通” 的水声;
BOBBY 仔很乖,平时都不出声,但是晚上放它出来时,一定听到它的“狂跑”声;

大头鱼不在了,BOBBY仔也不在了,阿B 我也把它放了。。。
五年来,阿B 长得很大了,家里没有足够的空间让它玩乐,
上两个礼拜,阿B 回归大自然了,

阿B 要乖哦!要学会保护自己!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FA Showcase 2008

Finally FA Showcase 2008 ended. All FA Zombies did their best in making this happened! Well done! Thanks to those who joined us! I won't report much here, just let the photos tell the story on that few days! =P

Industry Night (Friday, 11.07.08)

During the day, we did our preparations for the BIG EVENT at night... lolz here are some "making of..."

arranging the seats...
setting up the pcs...
straighten the buntings and banners...
hanging up the buntings...
pasting the mascot...
moving down to paste the buntings and banners...
pasting sugar paper...
n, finally, what I'm doing??? see... I'm taking photos... hahaha....

(photo by Ali)

Here comes our mascot, the FA ZOMBIE!!!

When the day turned to night...

While waiting for the guest to enter...

CENG CENG CENG CENG! Showcase began!!!

Say Hi to FA ZOMBIES!!! Cheese!

(photo by Ali)
Public Screening (next 2 days)
We moved our stuff to the ground floor the night before straight after the event. So, here are some photos for the public screening~ lolz ...

Our mascot is quite hardworking, he is showing the way to the mini theater...

(photo by Ali)
Here is the mini theater...

(photo by Ali)

So, here comes Hitz FM!!! I'm sure everyone having fun on that day!!! yeah!!!

The end...

I know the showcase is an end for our academic after 4 years studies, but it doesn't mean that we will end here, we just enter our next journey. Thanks for our parents, lecturers and friends! I hope that everyone knows their ways and continue fighting for it! Good Luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Show Reel 08

This is my compilation of all the works I did during my years in University. Hope you all will enjoy! :-P