Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Translation of the previous post ~

Did you hear it?

Did you hear the worry of a tree without leaves?

Did you hear the loneliness of a tree without the birds singing?

Did you hear the sadness of a tree without kids playing around it?

Did you hear the tree is crying?

Did you hear the loneliness of the tree?

A chair can be shared by two persons,

A tree can bring happiness for everyone.

Look around the tree, the happiness is around it,

Look at its shadow, the loneliness is all around it.

Before we gather our strength to take care of the nature,

Let’s Think and Feel its heart!

haha, requested by flux. Sorry for my broken English. Hope you can understand~ lolz


fLux said...

that was lovely ..
and a lil bit sad too.. huhu.. ;<

SEE-ing said...

thnx thnx, tat you can understand wut i'm typing here~