Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update! Update!

I have been busying with a big, very big, extremely big event... haha, guess what, just my cousin sis wedding, why is it big to me. Because... because... because... I promised my cousin sis's husband to make her an animation. Which he stupidly tell her about it, and this become not a surprise to her during their wedding dinner. Sadly say, I feel like wanna beat him up. Okay~ come back to the main topic. So it has been few weeks of having not enough sleep and animating this clip. Here, I really thank my team mate~~~ i always border her when i have not enuf time to do the drawings. Big thanks to Jen Yen. *clap clap* Thanks to her for supporting me n also help me to create the elements. thnx thnx thnx n thnx. And also my cousin sis n her husband for promoting my work. *shy shy*... so, here is the clip... I would say this is not fully done, as I feel of adding colours to the whole scene. I hope you enjoy it, and gif me as much comment as possible, so that i can refine on it n make it looks more complete. hehehe... ok ok, stop here. Let's have a look on the clip. I think the colour here off too much d, might be the converter's prob. hehe, just ignore it le~


Jen Yen said...

you are welcome larrrrr, so many thx, didnt done much to help you also, i sleep earleir than you, kekekkee... btw, u got the potiental ah, rmb i book u for what dy, hahak, got feel pressure or not? lolx

andychun said...

wawa.. jen yen... u going to get married ah?hehe.. si ying.. how sweet huh this video... u really great:D welldone... dun look down on urself.. ni hen bang:D