Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mY little PreSENT

Yeay! My camera finally works again. Here is the photo i took after updated the firmware of my dslr. haha... This is a gift for myself to remind me that I'm still having my dreams~ I bought it from IDN booth during KL Design Week. hahaa.... I rarely buy stuff for myself especially this kind of expensive design book. kekeke. Sometimes people tend to forget their dreams when they come to work. Working life is like an alarm which is set. Everyday, one is repeating the same routine. The longer you work, the more you forget about your dreams. This is because people always put their work in the first place. Yeah! The people is "ME". haha. I'm scolding myself. Okay, put that topic aside... I know I talk too much. haha. So....

Tataaaaa............... Here is my little present:

A Jon Burgerman Sketch Book!


Azizul Hakim a.k.a. 'Jijoe' said...

Hang in there :p Yes... work is routine... and boring. The trick is finding small things which make you happy to get you through the day!

SEE-ing said...

yes, sir. hahaha, i agree with you. should make ourself happier while working.