Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 of my previous competition work

小My (Little My)

This Little "My" is a character tat I designed last year to join My FM competition. haha... I only knew about it the day before deadline. Used one day to finish up and send up on 11:45pm on the deadline day! lolz. It's a challenge for me and I feel happy that i can come out with this within one day. Although I din even get into the final, I feel happy with my work!

SIGG Bottle

This is another design tat I did for SIGG bottle design competition. haha. This one i struggled around few days to get it done. Thanks to my friends and seniors who gave me opinion on it. It fails too. hahhaa. Anyway, I'll continue improve my design work~ hohoho. Seems my design sense still not matured yet! Ganbate ganbate!

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yy said...

i like your 小My very much!!! very nice!!!!! :D