Sunday, August 21, 2011

My First Ceramic Toy 。 我的第一个陶瓷玩偶

上几个月,我去了一天的美术一日游。昨天终于看到了我那时捏的玩偶。不是很好看啦。不过很高兴,很想分享一下。我的牛牛走了样。而且颜色不是我上的。 多希望我能亲自上色啊。不过不要紧啦。下次有机会,我会坚持把它从头做到完。

Last few months I had been to an Art Trip. I have done a Ceramic Toy during the trip. Finally yesterday I got to see the final product. It might not look appealing, but I'm too excited to share it with everyone. I really hope that I can do the colouring, but unfortunately we can only done with the shape n texture. So yeah, I'm not that happy with the colour. If there is another chance, I'll do it all by myself.

Front 。前面

Side 。 侧面

Back 。后面

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