Sunday, January 24, 2010

旅行箱里的孩子 。 Kid in the luggage

视觉设计 。Installation

艺术家解说 。Description from the artist
(sorry for the bad photo taking, i hope it is clear too.)

已经是2009年的事了,去了pipit的展览,展览厅隔壁有一个艺术展,好奇的我和朋友也去看了。在那里发现了这一个作品。我是蛮喜欢的,有一种很亲切地感觉。可能是小时候也很希望躲在人家的旅行箱里,到处去吧!哈哈。这作品的艺术家是因为时常要到外地工作,有很想念孩子,就起了这样一种想法。我看孩子们也希望能躲在旅行箱里,和爸爸一起到处去吧!这个作品让我感受到这艺术家对他孩子的思念, 还有每次出国都很想孩子能在身旁的渴望。也说明了,天下的父母心。我喜欢这作品只是因为,这是我小时候常常希望的梦想。有时只是很纯粹地希望好像童话故事里, 有位神仙干妈,把我变进小小的旅行箱里,让我可以环游世界。有时还会想,箱子里要向巴比娃娃的小屋子一样,又漂亮的摆设,有很大很大的床,还有足够的氧气。小时候,就是那么地单纯。多好啊~

Last year, i went to pipit exhibition. Besides the exhibition room, there is another installation exhibition. Me and my friends went to have a look there too. This installation was placed beside the entrance and it struck me. The artist had an idea on this installation is because that, he always need to travel abroad for work. He misses his son and he really hope that he can bring his son with him in his luggage. Everytime he imagines that his son is in the luggage with his lovely toy. I like this installation mostly because when I was a kid, I always think of if I have a fairy god mother, she can shrink me and I can stay inside a luggage to visit other countries. Sometimes, I even think of the luggage will be like barbie's room, with nice furniture and enough oxygen for me. haha, staying young is always the best.

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