Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kungfu Panda - luv it!!!

Yesterday I went out with diyana, we actually planned to have ice-skating, but later on we decided to watch a movie (I'm hoping so long to watch Kungfu Panda and she claimed that she din go for a movie for quite a long time). So, yeah! we watched our Kungfu Panda. Let's have a look at the trailer first~ lolz

haha, if you ask me whether i would like to watch again, i'll answer "YES! WHY NOT?" it is really a nice film. Since the movie started, both of us started to discuss about the models, texturing, design blablabla... it is quite fun to look into those elements while watching a movie. Of course, we din really pay too much attention to those elements after first few minutes of discussion, we just wanna sit back relax like others. When the movie reached its funny parts, the whole cinema filled up with laughter, some small kids even shouted! hahaha, so cute~

About the story, i'm sure you can find it anywhere~the story is quite simple as what we had learn, it roughly applied with the 12 stages in the heroes journey. The design are really nice, i like those bowls and lanterns, they looks real. From models to rendering and animation, all are awesome! There is 2 things that bothered me, the pau and the tortise (Oogway). First, talk about the pau, it looks nice and cute, but it looks quite shinny and hard to me~ Secondly, I like the character Oogway (i like him the most :-P), but it's shell looks too nice and the edges are too accurate (~.~" i feel la~) Other than these 2 things, i like the movie very much! So, just ignore these. hahaha. May be this movie is meant to be cute and lovely, that's why every elements are cutely designed and modelled. hehehe...

This morning, when i was reading the newspaper, i read an article about the movie mistakes that caused in some movies, Kungfu Panda is in the list of it. I think I'm going to re-watch the movie if it is possible. The mistakes that MovieMistakes points out are quite interesting~ if you wanna have a look, please check it out here: ~ hahaha... everyone can make mistakes, it is rather we realize what mistakes we had made and take it as a lesson than blaming ourselves of causing them. ;-P

Anyway, think about it~ it is fun for us to enjoy the movie as a normal audience in the cinema. If wanna look deeper into that movie and examine their models and other stuff, we can just go and buy the DVD and replay again and again in our~ lolz. I personally like this movie and enjoy it a lot!

*p/s: ou ou ou! shifu is damn cute!!! ~ hehehe


Fubuki said...

that's the sucky thing about kung fu panda; it follows exactly the stages of heroes journey.

awesome technically, sucky storywise in my opinion. :)

SEE-ing said...

muahahaha~ yala, it follows the stages, but they did made things looks funny, they added many laughter into the movie to make it not boring.

i really dun like the pau~ ><

WeReWoLF_MW said...

its a movie for everyone. so its meant to be so nice, so simple. simple story line, simple n outstanding characteristic, n beautifully produce for ur visual satisfaction. so, its simple, so its nice.

mayb u are fcm-ian, tats y will look at those modelling...etc etc. haha. as a non-fcm-ian, i think dreamwork really did a great great job. bringing up such a simple story into such interesting movie.

pau... is just a v. small part of the movie. use to attract panda to train harder nia.

no offend. to all good movie =P